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To link to external JavaScript, use Script tags. These attributes will attach another JavaScript to the page, allowing further JavaScript code to then be run. A simple function can perform this processing by utilizing the DOM.

function addJavascript(jsname,pos) {
var th = document.getElementsByTagName(pos)[0];
var s = document.createElement(‘script’);

This function adds the necessary script tag into the end of the head or body section of the page. Call that function the name of the file that contains the extra code to be included and specify to add the function to the end of the head or the end of the body.


Once the script tags have been added to the page, any functions can be called from within that file.

There is no need to write the same script over again to run the same JavaScript on several pages in a web site.  Instead, create an external JavaScript file with a .js extension, and refer to it using the src attribute in the <script> tag.

One thing that Javascript is often used for is to update the content of a web page. This is best done using the Document Object Model (DOM) but is sometimes done using innerHTML.

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Tools for Front-end design

Publicado: 20 noviembre, 2016 en Programación

With the development of apps and sites responsive, the role of a designer specialized in front-end has been of the more requested in the sector. However, it is a task that requires certain characteristics and, above all, essential tools for its realization.We have decided to contribute a bit with this work and present 5 tools to be a goodfront end Designer:

1. Chrome Dev Tools: is a complete suite for developers. It has features that enableyou to edit the DOM (HTML) are in real time, among many other functions.
2 Grunt: This tool is a task runner of Javascript that allows to use and create plugins to mix and get impressive results in programming.
3 Live Reload: is a fairly simple web protocol that allows you to make updates without having to constantly press the refresh button visible.
4 mocha/Chai/Sinon: to integrate these 3 tools, it is possible to obtain surprising results. While the first shows only the structural behaviour, the second offers excellentpossibilities for simulation, and the last program in natural language.
5. karma: This tool allows you to run tests from your workstation to any browser, providing confidentiality code.

Remember know value and defend your work, because even if these tools are freeand some of them easy to understand, a designer frontend have tasks of high complexity involving years of learning and adaptation to the changes that the digital agehas constantly.
Oriented design or front-end web developers are responsible for generating the views or a great UI
In simple terms, are the creators of the style and functionality of interfaces that interact with user.


Crear juego con python -Guía-

Publicado: 17 septiembre, 2016 en Programación

Para los que estan queriendo aprender python y lo quieren hacer de una forma divertida, aquí les dejo el enlace al artículo, en el podrán descargar un libro y un repo de  los códigos.

Enlace al artículo ¡Creando juegos con Python!